Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Having a Great Holiday

As I heard my mum talking on the phone I barely heard one of my cousin’s voice in the background saying “Hi aunty how is Sana”, I felt touching when my cousin said my name, so I yelled back “Hi Vana!”. With excitement, I knew at that moment that my cousins were coming to Auckland for the holidays. On the last day of Term1 after school I ran all the way home and I saw my cousin standing out-side of the garage door ,she sprinted to me and cuddled my stomach as hard as she could. As I saw my brother heading home I told my cousin if we could prank him, and so we did. Joe came to the front gate and I led him to the door and he told me, “Why are you dragging my hand to the front door?” I thought that my prank did not work, but it did. My cousin hid under my mum’s car. As I waved my hand side to side, my cousin knew that it was time to get ready for the signal I was going to give her. I gave her the movement, and she jumped out from under the car and sprayed the cheesey cheese out from the can, on to my brother. My brother had a girly good fright and was covered in cheese. “What a funny joke was that”, I told my cousin. My mum came out of the house and saw my brother covered in the cheesy cheese. She growled Joe to go and have a shower . It was so cool when I met my cousin from “Turangi”. For five weeks one of my cousins came and the other went back home because she wanted to see her mum and see her two sisters at home. While she was gone we had an amazing holiday with my other cousin that came from “Turangi”. My cousin was a lot more fun to stay with because he had given us special things from his dad. My brothers liked being with him. Two weeks later my cousin planed to go home because he missed his family. So on Sunday in the morning he went home with his dad. When they arrived their, my cousin phoned us that he really liked it at home because he got to see his mum and his three sisters. I was so surprised when he said that because I thought that he liked it up in Auckland better, so I said to him “ Okay then my mum said to give love to your family”, he replied back “ Okay then Bye”. So mum kept talking to his dad for hours and hours.