Friday, July 20, 2012

My Response on "Brown Brother"

Joshua Iosefo is a year 13 prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar School. Joshua is Samoan, Niuean and a New Zealander. His poem ”Brown Brother” is all over the web/internet. It got filmed by his best friend Rashard who posted this poem on youtube and that is how John Campbell found this young man Joshua Iosefo. Mr Campbell made Joshua redo his poem to screen on TV.

The theme or message for this poem is to not be afraid to change and don’t believe in stereotypes. Stereotypes are a judgement about a group of people. It forces you to do things that don’t help you learn and do things that do help you.It also tells us to don’t limit yourselves and to use the 3D’s.Determination,Dedication and Desire.

Joshua Iosefo inspired a lot of people including me to never believe in stereotypes.My favourite part of this poem was when Joshua said “So do not feel alone for your God, your family and your home will forever be inside the marrow of your bones so do not threat, do not regret.”
I don't see Joshua just as an ordinary human being but as an inspirational person to look up to in the future.
Thank you to Vivienne for helping me finish it of!

Precious McKenzie the Weightlifter

Holding the weights on his chest, the weightlifter imagined what it would be feel like doing his final move to win the gold.  The crowd went silent for a minute or two waiting for his final move. With a sudden move he raised the bar of weights above his head. The crowd went wild and cheered him on.
Thank you to Ms Squires and Awhina for helping me on this post.