Friday, March 2, 2012

School Picnic!!

On a dull morning Pt.England School went down to the reserve. To have our very own picnic with our family,friends and also class.I thought to my-self that this picnic was going to be a soggy and windy picnic because I looked up into the sky and all I saw was a dim,cloudy and grey sky. Never mind the clouds and the sky above but the weather.Cold,wanting to put a jacket or jumper on but I searched all over in my bag but nothing was there.So I said to my-self,”I’ll just have to stay like this.”I felt as if there was going to be no sun today.
But I was wrong.After a few minutes of taking pictures and videos of people.My best friend Tui said to me that the sun was going to come out. I looked up into the fluffy white clouds and as I gazed at it I saw it's big yellow nose poking out from the cloudy
I went down to the beach and took some photo’s of the big rock which was not an original rock but a groyne.
I also took photo’s of the children collecting the clay and the sand.They also decorated them.
Nealy all day I took photo’s of the beach and the playing area’s.
Still up hill there were students playing softball,cricket,volley and so much more.Even our little ones had so much fun playing on the park.
The softball crew hit some really good hits on the ball that nearly one of the ball skins came off.It looked as if all bat people were pros at it (to my eyes).

It came to swimming time when everybody got to swim even our new entrances got to swim for the first time at the reserve.Splashing the salty water to each looked like fun.

It’s like me and Tui (best friend). I splashed a lot of sea water on her and she cried .
After a while there was a big crowd in between the beach and the playing station.I wandered? “HHMMM, why are there so many people crowed around this one big thing.”I peaked over some body's shoulder and saw people singing.To my eyes I thought that this singing karaoke thing was so cool.
For a while we had to pack up and get ready to go back to school so we could be dismiss for class.
It was really nice to see all the yrs1/2/3 were having a great time swimming,playing and even eating?
It looked as if every body were exhausted after the picnic.It bet that they collapsed onto the grass.
My favourite part of the picnic was seeing a lot of people smiling at the end of the picnic!

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    What an amazing post, I really enjoyed reading your writing. I thought it was pretty good. I could see a few spelling mistakes throughout the writing but that's not a problem, you could fix it up. Anyways, keep up the good writing.



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