Monday, November 26, 2012

Where I Am From

Where I am from, I see the beautiful blue beach, half covered with sand and shells.
Where I am from, I smell cooked and fresh food like roast pig and taro with chop-suey.
Where I am from, I hear cars in traffic and vehicles beeping at each other.
Where I am from, I taste coco-rice and toast for breakfast and corn-beef and rice for lunch.
Where I am from, I touch the sea filled with clear water and seaweed.

School and Glen Innes:
Where I am from, I see people talking to each other.
Where I am from, I smell food like McDonalds and KFC.
Where I am from, I hear children yelling goodbye to their mothers before they head off to school.
Where I am from, I taste the Carls Jr and Takeaways.
Where I am from, I touch my netbook ready to learn.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Scary Shed

“I told you that the barn looks cool” Jarna said in excitement.
“Yeah, it’s spooky like you said. How did you find it?” Ashleigh replied as she finished tying her shoe lace. In a distance they couldn’t see the barn properly but by the look of it, it didn’t look like a house that they would live in.
“I have my ways. Anyway lets go and check it out!” as she continued walking.
“Okay” Ashleigh said.
The sky was dull and goosebumps started to appear on Ashleigh’s arms. She rubbed them and walked briskly to catch up to Jarna. “Wait up Jarna!” Ashleigh yelled.
“Hurry up Ashleigh. We’re almost there.”
“Oh man, I have a bad feeling about this” Ashleigh thought to herself.

As Jarna and Ashleigh got closer and closer they could see the house more clearly. The only word to describe it was UGLY!!!Jarna felt an adventure inside this old barn. “Lets go inside!”
“No... What if something happens to us?” Ashleigh said as she tried to stop Jarna
“Nothing is going to happen...... I’m going inside.”
As much as Ashleigh felt like going home she knew that she had to look after her best friend, so she went.

It was pitch black when they went inside the house. They could hear things scattering around everywhere. Jarna was leading the way and Ashleigh was right behind her, trying to avoid stepping on rats. While they were walking something fell. “What was that Jarna?” Ashleigh asked.
“I don’t know” Jarna replied.
“I think the house is falling apart” Ashleigh said while she was trying to find the way out. Ashleigh grabbed Jarna’s hand and tried to find the way out.  More debris came falling down. “Come on Jarna.” Ashleigh said. They tried and tried to find the way out but they couldn’t see anything. They decided to yell out for help. “HELP! SOMEONE HELP US!” They repeatedly said. No one came.

All of a sudden the door started to open. “There’s the entrance Jarna. Lets go!” Ashleigh proclaimed. They ran carefully though. Trying to avoid any debris. Suddenly they heard an old man. “Come this way girls. Quickly” he said. Jarna and Ashleigh followed the mans voice and by no time they made it out of the house safely.

The old man and the girls walked to his truck. “Thank you sir, for saving me and my friend.” Ashleigh said.
“No worry. I have one question for you though,” The old man said.
“What is it?” Jarna asked as she put her seatbelt on.
“Why were you in there anyway?” The old man asked. Jarna and Ashleigh looked at each other. “Well, it is a long story.” Jarna and Ashleigh said together.

By Vivienne and Osana

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Bush

Looking up to the trees I could see birds tweeting from the top and small creatures crawling on the bottom. Small drops of rain coming down from the trees, luckily for me I’ve got my raincoat on. Covered with water I run under the trees for some shelter.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!” I scream. There were small creatures crawling on my raincoat as I leaned against the trunk of the tree. “Pshhhhhh, you think I’m not scared of you small things,” I say to the crawling things on my coat. In fact I was scared of the creatures that were crawling on my coat so I gently take off  my raincoat and drop on the floor.

“I better get out of here. This place freaks me out. Small things walk on your clothes and, and, I just don’t know what to say,” I say in a scared voice. “What’s the matter, Osana, are you scared,” one end of me say. “Come on lets go don’t listen to that old lier,” the other says. “I’m just going to stay under this tree for a while and then I’ll leave,” I say to myself. “That’s right!” one brain whispers to me.

I start to feel like something has actually touched me. And then I scratch a little. I feel like someone or something is tickling me. I turn around and, “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH, OH MY GOSH I COULD’VE LISTEN TO MY OTHER BRAIN!!!!!!” I scream in a loud and terrified voice. “I better go now. Tonight I’m going to have a very bad dream, in fact it isn’t going to be a dream it’s going to be a nightmare.” I yell to myself.

I ran all the way home and told my family all about my creepy adventure. They told me that I was just trying to make them freak out. So I went to bed that night and dreamed all about my day today. It was freaky I tell you. I’m never going back to that rainforest never and ever again.