Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cold at the Beach!!

I looked up to the sky and all I saw was the sun covered by grey ugly clouds. The windy wind had just come running pass me. My teeth were chattering. 
Did you know how cold it was at the beach?
It was freezing like ice!
No blanket, no rain-coat or jumper, no anything.All I had was my beach shorts and t-shirt.It was breath taking. It felt as if the world was covered in cold ice and snow.
I was so disapointed in the weather. The temperature was really low.

You can find this picture on this link


  1. Wow Osana what a great story that you have.
    And very good words that you put in your story too.

    Keep up the good Work Osana
    Keep it up...

  2. Hi Osana,

    What a nice piece of writing. I really enjoyed reading it. My favourite part was when you said there were some strange vibrations. To be honest, I think it would of been better if you had a variety of short and long sentences. Other than that it was great.

    Yours Sincerely,


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