Monday, March 26, 2012

Camp Motivation

Firing up the stove we gathered corn into a pot. We were cooking for the years ⅞ camp. While they were out doing activities,our crew were cooking their dinner. It was corncobs,barbecued sausage and chop suey.It was hard work for the first day.For three whole days my crew and I buttered bread and stack them back into the bag.That was really easy to do.

It was almost time for afternoon tea and the camp bunch were still carrying on with their activities.Some of them were at the Amazing Race activity,some were Skating in the breeze and some were playing Ping Pong in the hall.I enjoyed cooking their afternoon tea which were scones,fruits,water and pizza bread.It was enough for one day,before I went home I hugged my brother good-bye and then I went home.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Story About The Wonderful(Dr.Carson)

Benjamin Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan.His mother Sonya was surprisingly dropped out of school when she was in grade three. At an embarrassing and of course a low age of thirteen Sonya was apparently married. Unfortunately After a few years Sonya and her husband divorced. So she had to raise her 2 boys, Ben and Curtis on her own.She would always have 2-3 jobs just to provide her children.

While the boys were in there education age, their mother saw that they were actually falling behind in school.In fifth grade Ben was obviously listed that he was at the bottom of his class.Ben went to school the next day and all his classmates called him “ the biggest dummy”and at that moment he had just developed a mean-less, uncontrollable temper.When Mrs. Carson saw Benjamin and Curtis’s failing grades, she was untiring to turn her young generations’ lives around. She limited the boys' television watching and rejected to let them outside to play until they had finished their assignment every single day. She made them to read two library books a week. And they had to give her written reports on their reading even though, with her own poor education, she could barely read what they had written.

Within a few weeks, Carson astonished his classmates by identifying rock samples his teacher had brought to class. He recognized them from one of the books he had read. "It was at that moment that I realized I wasn't stupid," he recalled later. Carson continued to amaze his classmates with his new-found knowledge and within a year he was at the top of his class.

The hunger for knowledge had taken hold of him, and he began to read voraciously on all subjects. He was determined to become a physician so he had to learn to control his violent temper.

After graduating with honors from his high school, he attended Yale University, where he earned a degree in Psychology.

From Yale, he went to the Medical School of the University of Michigan, where his interest shifted from psychiatry to neurosurgery. His excellent hand-eye coordination made him a superior surgeon. After medical school he became a neurosurgeon at the world-famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. At age 32, he became the hospital's Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery.
In 1987, Carson made medical history with an operation to separate a pair of Siamese twins. The Binder twins were born joined at the back of the head. Operations to separate twins joined in this way had always failed, resulting in the death of one or both of the infants. Carson agreed to do the operation. A 70-member surgical team, led by Dr. Carson, worked for 22 hours. At the end, the twins were successfully separated and can now survive independently.

Friday, March 2, 2012

School Picnic!!

On a dull morning Pt.England School went down to the reserve. To have our very own picnic with our family,friends and also class.I thought to my-self that this picnic was going to be a soggy and windy picnic because I looked up into the sky and all I saw was a dim,cloudy and grey sky. Never mind the clouds and the sky above but the weather.Cold,wanting to put a jacket or jumper on but I searched all over in my bag but nothing was there.So I said to my-self,”I’ll just have to stay like this.”I felt as if there was going to be no sun today.
But I was wrong.After a few minutes of taking pictures and videos of people.My best friend Tui said to me that the sun was going to come out. I looked up into the fluffy white clouds and as I gazed at it I saw it's big yellow nose poking out from the cloudy
I went down to the beach and took some photo’s of the big rock which was not an original rock but a groyne.
I also took photo’s of the children collecting the clay and the sand.They also decorated them.
Nealy all day I took photo’s of the beach and the playing area’s.
Still up hill there were students playing softball,cricket,volley and so much more.Even our little ones had so much fun playing on the park.
The softball crew hit some really good hits on the ball that nearly one of the ball skins came off.It looked as if all bat people were pros at it (to my eyes).

It came to swimming time when everybody got to swim even our new entrances got to swim for the first time at the reserve.Splashing the salty water to each looked like fun.

It’s like me and Tui (best friend). I splashed a lot of sea water on her and she cried .
After a while there was a big crowd in between the beach and the playing station.I wandered? “HHMMM, why are there so many people crowed around this one big thing.”I peaked over some body's shoulder and saw people singing.To my eyes I thought that this singing karaoke thing was so cool.
For a while we had to pack up and get ready to go back to school so we could be dismiss for class.
It was really nice to see all the yrs1/2/3 were having a great time swimming,playing and even eating?
It looked as if every body were exhausted after the picnic.It bet that they collapsed onto the grass.
My favourite part of the picnic was seeing a lot of people smiling at the end of the picnic!