Wednesday, February 22, 2012

INKHEART:Movie Story Book

In this book called inkheart there is a girl called Meggie.Her father's name is Mo.
Meggie's Father,Mo, can do the unbelievable:When he reads aloud, people and things can appear out of books! But Mo can't control his power, and sometimes people disappear into the books. That's what happened one night.... and that's when the trouble began for Meggie's mother,Resa,disappeared into this book called Inkheart, and the evil Capricorn,his henchmen, and Dustfinger came out. Now Mo and Meggie have to find another copy of the book and then,perhaps, they can save Resa and send everyone else back where they belong.
If you would like to read more of the book "INKHEART:MOVIE STORY BOOK:PART1/PART2/PART3" then you can check out this website.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Duffy Theatre!

We had just gone to a Duffy Theatre. During the show there were some funny jokes and some didn't seem so funny. Unfortunately it had to finish so fast. The actors names were James(Duffy), Ana(The Greatest Book in the World) and Liu(Scruffy-Duffy's little brother).The duffy theatre was about "The Best Book Ever".
This book could take you on amazing adventures, like take you into Space, take you onto cool rides and much more.In this book you could sign what you liked about the book and what you didn't like about the book. It showed many emotion(kind of) and a lot of fantastic moments.
Do you like to read? Well I do. Reading makes me understand, spell, know more knowledge about the book.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cold at the Beach!!

I looked up to the sky and all I saw was the sun covered by grey ugly clouds. The windy wind had just come running pass me. My teeth were chattering. 
Did you know how cold it was at the beach?
It was freezing like ice!
No blanket, no rain-coat or jumper, no anything.All I had was my beach shorts and t-shirt.It was breath taking. It felt as if the world was covered in cold ice and snow.
I was so disapointed in the weather. The temperature was really low.

You can find this picture on this link

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I Am A" Poem!!

I am a skater
(speeding down hill is my favorite).

I am a Mountain Biker
(A high-leveled one, sometimes).

I am a Dancer
(especially performing on stage with my family and friends from church).

I am a Netball Player
(Who dreams to become a future Silver Fern and compete with other netball teams).

I am 11yrs old
(My birthday was on the 4th of February).

I am a Reader
(I really like reading at church and sometimes at school or home).

I am the Oldest Sister
(In my family, I am the 4th child)