Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun Day

"Let's Go Green, Let's Go!!!" my group and I yell. "Go Green, Whoo!!"
Today was the day of our church gathering sports day. It happens every single year. And this year I'm in 'team green'. 

The first game we did was volleyball. The score was close but not close enough. It was fun playing against team red. Some were cheating some were fair, but at the same time it was awesome. It came to the finals and it was my team and the blue team. It was a draw when it came to the second round.
"Let's GO GREEN!!" We all yell to our team members that were on the field.
It came to the last point and we finished it off with a spike. That spike saved our team a spot bonus point.

The second event we had was  NETBALL. And in this game we played against 'team red' again. We played against this team because their were only 3 teams in our tournament. It was 15-13 in the last quarter. Our cheerleaders Toia, Joe and Nise encouraged us through the whole tournament. I passed the ball to my cousin Malaete'a and she shot the ball into the hoop for the last score. We won to games in a row.

It came to the end of the day and their was just one last sport to go. It was my favourite sport, Basketball. We versed the red team. And in this game everybody was cheating except for our team. We followed the instructions and that's why we won straight away. Their is no explanation for this sport or event because we didn't play a full game. We just ended at half time. The referee was fed up with red teams attitude and how they played.

It was the end of the tournament and the team that won this sports day was......."TEAM.....GREEN!!" It was so amazing to have our team win the church tournament. The prize we won was  a bunch of chocolate. We all got one each.

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