Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Hand Pops Out of the Sand

“Hot, hot, hot” I said as I tiptoed along the sand.  My feet were burning like I was on fire. I had my beach shorts and summer t-shirt on. The temperature today was as high as you could ever think of. Sweat beaded down my face. I needed more sunscreen.

As I walk towards the groyne I hear my best-friends Tui, Hossanah and Jasmine yell out to me. I turn around and replied back to them.
“Hi,” they yelled as they walk near me, “Would you like to build a sandcastle with us.” “Yeah sure,” I say.

"Isn't it a good time to go for a swim?" I say to my besties. We start to pack our things and head over to the sea. As we get up we suddenly see something strange and white pop out of the sand. “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!” my friends and I scream like tiny babies crying. “What is it?” I whisper to them. “It’s a hand,” one of my friends say in a cracking voice.
The fingers then start to move and as we get nearer and nearer the hand crawls closer to us. After a while we see another hand pop out of the sand. We yell and scream as loud as we can but no-one can hear us. One of my friends ran away because she got scared. There were 3 of us left and none of us wanted to go closer to the 2 hands. We were all frightened.
“You go first,” I say to my friend Hossanah. “No, because it might jump up and get my face,” he said in a horrified way. “It wouldn't. I promise. Now, come on, go on, go on,” I tell him promisingly.

Hossanah then starts to walk close to the 2 hands. He turned around and cried.
“I don’t want to go!” he cries to us. He then runs away.
“Okay your turn, Tui,” I said. “No way I’m going home, see yah.” she says.
I then start to shiver a little and then I see both hands disappear back into the sand. “Well that was freaky. I better go home,” I thought to myself.

Today was the scariest time of my life. When I left for home I started to think, “how did those hands pop out of the sand?” I didn't want to go back to the sea ever again. When I got home I told my parents all about it but they thought that I was crazy. So I went straight to bed after a weird and unexpected day.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Going to Russell

Do you know which place in New Zealand was the first ever capital city? Well I do and this is where my family and I spent our holiday, exploring the beauty that this place has in it. It is called Russell. Russell is like an island but more like a place than an island.
Well before we go any further I've got to tell you about the where we stayed at. Well, it was a motel, but not really a motel it was like a cottage, but a bit bigger. In-side of our big and tall cottage their were stairs that curled like a spiral, we called this the spiral stairs. Their 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and 1 living-room. To my eyes it did not look like a cottage it looked like an ordinary flash house.
let me tell you about the outside of the house. Right in the middle of all these houses was a swimming pool. It even had it's own hydryslide and playground and it even had it's own spa pool that warms you up when ever you were cold or felt like relaxing. Where we stayed at was incredible.
Not far from our cottage was the ocean. You could smell the fish and the seaweed that were in the water. My cousins and I were fishing on the warf. I caught 1 fish and my cousin Malaete'a caught the other. I was amazing. After a while we packed and left to go home and swim in the pool.
The weather was wonderful and the sun was shining like a bright star. We knew it was time to swim. Bombing into the pool felt refreshing because we just spent 4 hours of driving from Auckland to Russell and we stood at the warf for about an hour and a half. So we  decided to get a cool swim and relax our bodies. i felt as if I were flying in the sky when I got into this fantastic pool.
Being in Russell was amazing even when we went across to Paihia. Paihia was across from Russell place. But in this place there were more living things and what I mean by livings is that their is more action and more fun (but not more fun than Russell) and even more stores to buy things out of. But this holiday was really really really really really fun.
You should go to Russell some time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)