Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Starry Night

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One of  Vincent Van Gogh’s famous paintings is “The Starry Night”.His impressionistic style incorporates mixed emotions.The Starry Night features a lot of bold outlines, rough textured brushstrokes and value or shading. Also added in this painting is isometric perspective.He does this by using the frames up close,large,and the frames far away,small. Vincent Van Gogh uses oil on canvas as the medium for his paintings.The effect of this painting is very strong,bold and really clear and delineated.

The Abundance

Daniella Hulme is a NZ artist,one of her famous paintings is named the “Abundance”.In most of her paintings she has been influenced by her husbands culture,Samoa.This theme there are variety of blended colours.This represents what mood she’s in,and in this painting she is in the happy and calm mood.
In the Abundance,Daniella has used the technique of oil painting on canvas kind of style.Daniella Hulme conveys a lot of atmosphere into all of her paintings.

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