Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Netbook Reflection!!!

This year I have enjoyed using a netbook because it is a faster way of doing my work, communicating with others, looking things up on the internet and getting to know more about net-work devices. It has made a huge difference. I have loved using my netbook because it has everything I need when I need to focus and assignments. Rather than using a paper and pencil I could just use a netbook instead. It has made it faster to type and edit.
The things I don’t like about my laptop is that sometimes it does silly things like for example the keys won’t function properly, the network loads really slow, the computer freezes.
“Is this just a Network problem,Computer problem or is it a Me problem? I some-times say to my-self. “I have no idea”.
Having a netbook is awesome but some-times it’s a bit brainless. So this is my reflection of my netbook.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Maths Progress

Have you heard of the math word,"Algebra?", I have.
"It's a fancy word, right?".
Well anyway, the pictures above represent some of my math progress.
"It was really easy."
By the way if you know heaps about algebra you are brainy(jokes).
Anyway, hope you like algebra.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Story of "Itiiti's Gift"

Itiiti's family was big and jumbly. They were loud and tall and good at things. But Itiiti just felt small and clumbsy and shy.
"I'm no good at any-thing," said Itiiti.
"Don't worry," said her mother. " You will have a gift of your own."
"What could it be?" asked Itiiti.
"You will know when you find it." said her mother with a smile.
Itiiti watched her brother run. He was fast and strong.
"Run with me Itiiti," he called.
Itiiti tried to keep up but she was to slow and the steep hill made her puff so she hid in the long grass.
"What could I be good at?" she told her-self.
The grass hushed and whispered, the wind huffed and blew, and they sang her a hiltop song. Itiiti watched her sister swim. She was quick, like a fish ti the water.
"Swim with me, Itiiti," she called.
Itiiti tried to keep up but she was scared in the deep water so she lay on the warm stones on the river-bank.
"What could I be good at?" she asked.
The stones creaked and squeaked, the river trickled and gurgled, and they sang her a river-bank song. Itiiti watched her father fishing. He swung his rod and cast his line way out deep.
"Do you want to try it, Itiiti," he said.
Itiiti tried to cast deep but her line fell in the shallows where no fish swam so she sat on the sand and watched.
"What could I be good at?" she asked.
The gulls circled and cried, the waves swooshed and swirled, and they sang her a beach song.
Itiiti watched her cousin climb. He climbed right up high in the trees, to where the Tui sat.
"Climb with me, Itiiti" he called.
Itiiti tried to climb up but the trees were too big so she sat at the bottom of a Paonga tree.
"What could I be good at?" she said.
The Tui chimed and clanged, the paonga leaves rattled and rustled, and they sang her a bush song.
Itiiti watched Nanny weaving. Nanny slid the harakeke together and her fingers flashed in and out.
"Are you going to try it, Itiiti," she said.
Itiiti tried to weave but her fingers felt clumbsy so she lay back on the mat.
"What could I be good at?" she asked.
"You are good at lots of things," said Nanny.
"But I don't have a gift," whispered Itiiti.
"Of course you do," said Nanny.
"But I can't find it," said Itiiti
"Maybe if you stop looking,it will find you," said Nanny,then she gave her a kiss and carried on weaving. The harakeke slid and snapped, Nanny whistled a tune, and they sang her a weaving song. At night, Koro told stories.Itiiti listened to his voice and pictures grew in her head. Everybody talkied about theri day.
"What did you do,Itiiti?" asked Koro
Itiiti felt small and shy. She hadn't done anything she was good at.
"Nothing," she said quitely, then she climbed oon his lap and hid her face. Koro's heart beat a ryythm in this chest and his voice rumbled like a song when he talked.
Itiiti's mother started to play her guitar. The music filled the room and everybody smiled.
"Would you like to learn,Itiiti?" asked her mother.
"No," she said because she knew she wouldn't be any good.She wanted to cry so she went out-side and saton the porch.
Itiiti felt miserable. Everyone else was good at something but she could'nt find her gift.
"What could I be good at?" she asked the night.
A morepork hooted, the crikets chirped,and they sang her a song about darkness.
Itiiti thought about her dayand the things she had tried. Then she thought about the places she had looked for her gift.She thought about the hiltop and the riverbank, the beach and the bush,Nanny's weaving and Koro'sheartdeep in his chest. She felt as if her own heat might bbreak if she didn't find her gift.
"I will stop looking," she said sadly. The sound of her mothers guitar crept through the walls and circled around her. It mixed with the memories and she felt strange. Itiiti started hum. The guitar joined with her and the songs from her day filled her head. Her heart beat faster until it felt as if it was going to burst.Itiiti started to sing! Her voice rose and the beautiful songs from all around spilled out of her mouth.
"Who's that?" asked her brother and sister
"Who's that?" asked her cousin and Koro
"Who's that?" asked hermother and father
"I know," said Nanny, and they followed the voice out-side.
Itiiti didn't feel shy and clumbsy or small or slow.Itiiti felt wonderful.Her mother played the guitar and she kept on singing. The family joined in and her voice soared like a bird above them.
"What a beautiful voice" they all said.
"What a wonderful singer."
"Aaah," said Nanny."It sounds like your gift found you."
And Itiiti smiled because now she knew that it had been there all along.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Very Own Planet, Babikus

GIMP! It's a funny word isn't it. Well guess what it's a drawing programme on our school net books.
So for the last 2 days I've been playing around with this programme.I’ve been making my very own own planet by using GIMP.
So this is my planet Babikus.
That's it's name.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Studyladder Certificate

This slideshow is about what I've been doing on this website
It also shows how well I've been doing in my reading and maths. Check it out. I hope you enjoy this slideshow!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Acronmy

During this term our theme was....."Outta This World". So for the last 5 days I've been working on a "PLANET ACRONMY." So here goes my acronmy.

They all stand for all 8 planets which are Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and last but not least Neptune the bluest planet in the galaxy and in our solar system.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Greatest Holidays I've Ever Had

I've never expected that the holidays were all most here. It’s going to be a great holiday.
I just... can’t wait for the holidays to come up. It's going to be the best holiday ever. Just 1 more week to go and then it's the holidays.
(Holiday Starts) The holidays have just arrived and I can not wait until I see all my cousins coming over and having her holiday over at my house. I could feel my heart bursting with excitement. I bet that she is going to have a great time with us.
On the first of the holidays we went to the wave pools and we also had a day out with the rest of our family. We also included going to the “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. It was a heck lot of fun. My whole body felt so buzzed. We also went to and watched a movie at the cinemas, that was also a lot of fun. We watched the Orator, it was so funny.
During labour holiday my cousin “Esther” and I went to the beach and kicked back on the sand. It was all about having the last holiday time with all my cousin.

I felt so sad once it was over because cousin had to go back to Australia and we had finished our holiday. But in the end I felt great at the same time because like I said it was the best holiday ever.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's Behind This Flag?

On this Samoa flag it has a blue colored canton and it has a constellation of the Southern Stars and last of all background. It's background represents the blood of our savior "Jesus Christ".

Samoa Visit

This presentation show's you some amazing and interesting places to visit all around Samoa. It goes from this place to another. Have you noticed that Samoa has one of the prettiest beaches in the world? Well any way I hope you like my presentation.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Samoa vs Fiji

It all started with big hearts and faith. It was going to be a shocking day for the Samoan RWC Team.
The national rugby team from Samoa have competed in every Rugby World Cup since 1991, and rugby fans can expect Samoa to play its toughest team yet at Rugby World Cup 2011.
Many people have supported by the large Samoan community that lives in New Zealand.
Samoa are currently ranked 11th in the IRB world rankings, and are in Pool D for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, along with defending champions South Africa, Wales, Fiji, and Namibia.
Samoa kick off their 3rd match for the 2011 Rugby World Cup against Fiji in Eden Park.

Yah!! The day is here. The game is almost starting and the flags are up all ready.
had penalties for about 3 or 4 times and by that time the Manu Samoa team
anticipated third Pool D clash will be against Fiji on the 25th September in Auckland, which is the world’s largest Polynesian city with a large and passionate Samoan and Fijian rugby fan base. The final RWC 2011 pool game for Samoa will be against South Africa, again in Auckland, on the 30th of September.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sadness and Happiness!!!

It all starts with sadness and then goes into the happiness. Yesterday we learnt a very cool rap that represents the earth-quake that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand, and a bit of survival. Okay here it goes.
''Pack it up pack it in let me begin
Much respect to my peeps from Point England
G.I skaters, current status
Collaboration with my younger generators ah!
We in the cypher crowds twice the siza
New MC's spitting honey like killer beez
Brothers please spare a prayer for the families
Hurricane to the Crusaders down in Canterbury

Pagi to the popo, the popo to the pagi
fia ai lou manava I think I'm Le masagi
Lava loa lea fia ai soo se mea mmmm
I like the smell of papaque over there
Keke to pua'a, pua'a to the keke
Thank you very much Point England, Tu meke
Tulou lava we must respect one another
My father, my mother, my sister and my brother."
Thanks for your attention.

Our School Theme

This term our school theme is....... Keep Your Eye on the Ball! Do you know what that means? well, I'll give you a hint, keep focused on everything you do,
" well, not everything, but some of the things you'd like to improve and reach."
Anyway, you'll want to know that you can do anything if you work on what you improve.
"Our theme is interesting isn't it?"
My class and I have assignments to do with the "RWC". Every quiz time which we have in our senior block, each class pick volunteers to represent them selves. Today our person we chose was Dakota Harris she was out standing with her performance.
"Oh yeah, I forgot, that Dakota had given her own class 150 points in total. Isn't that amazing. I told you she was outstanding."
"So remember that you can do anything if you improve want you want to improve!!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Typing Certificate

"AGAIN!!" I have completed another 2 typing certificates. I am also proud of my self for increasing in this fun skill game, you should try it out some time on this website
if you would like to.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Recently, our senior school had badminton lessons. My class and I had been introduced to a badminton professional. First, she taught us how to hold a racket, like a pro. Then she had shown us some hard skills.

On that same day we learnt how to use a badminton racket by fore hand grid, back hand grid and we also learnt how to serve properly with a shuttle. We practiced a lot of hard skills. Some, " just some" of us got there. All though we tried our best to get our skills correct.

We had a game of badminton soccer, It was a lot of fun. We learnt much more about the sport badminton. All though we all had one last turn of the game badminton soccer.

Walking back to class we had "BIG" smiles pasted on our faces, and guess what “ you should try it out some time”.
Badminton is not only a game, but an EXPERIENCE!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Story of My First Day at School.

It all started with the first day at school. I was feeling all cranking but shy. My first new best friends were Mary and Makalita. They were very friendly but my favourite friend was Mary because when ever I felt sad or feeling down she would always come up to me and do something nice like for example, cheer me up. One morning my mum and I were walking towards the school. I told something very important, "maybe not that important", " Mum,, want to go home now". My mother told me why did I want to leave, I replied, " because it's scary in school", but my mum wasn't listening to me and she kept on walking towards school. I had the goose bumps and I was getting the shyness into me. It felt like I was in a never ending planet. I was so scared once I took the first step onto the carpet. I was shy. This was the first day at Pt.England School.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Candian Visit

Ottawa is the Capital City of Canada and a great place to soak in the Canadian culture. The Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill or the RCMP march are always popular sights, along with some world class museums. There are also many parks and bike paths that make summer outdoors fun. The winters aren't bad either. The Rideau Canal, which connects the Ottawa River to the Great Lakes for leisure boaters, makes for the longest skating rink in the world when it freezes.

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the Capital City of Canada and a great place to soak in Canadian culture. The Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill or the RCMP march are always popular sights, along with some world class museums. There are also many parks and bike paths that make summer outdoors fun. The winters aren't bad either. The Rideau Canal, which connects the Ottawa River to the Great Lakes for leisure boaters, makes for the longest skating rink in the world when it freezes.

Churchill, Manitoba

You might be wondering what this is. Well hear me out, Churchill which is in the West Manitoba stands in a very small but cold side of Canada.Manitoba are the shores of the Hudson Bay. The town is the Polar Bear Capital of the World (sightings are year round), Beluga Whale Capital of the World (sightings from late June to late August), and one of the best places to catch a glimpse of an Aurora Borealis or Northern-Lights (sightings from late November through to late March). No-one ever forgets a visit to Churchill. It's the best place to connect to the many wonders of mother nature.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Niagara Falls, Ontario

This tourist town is great for sightseeing and if you happen to be in Toronto, Niagara Falls is not far. Niagara Falls is also a popular place to get married, competing with Las Vegas for favourite wedding destinations. Niagara Falls was also rated as the World's Most Romantic Place.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trying to Improve!!!!

This term I am looking forward to Improving my Reading and Writing. I really want to improve much of my writing because I don't really know where to put my punctuation.
For reading i'm practicing to read more and more interesting books so I could understand want the book means.
My parents are very and mostly are looking forward to the end of the year because they say if I don’t get a certificate at the end of prize giving then they will send me to Samoa and go to school their. That’s why my parents worried about us primary and intermediate kids.
I feel very interested into the end of the year.

Typing Tutor

This is one of assignments that my class are doing. We call it “ Typing Tutor” it is a bit fun but quiet hard because have to put our fingers on the correct home keys, any way I hope you leave some comments please.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Discovery Class

Today after the bell rang “br- ri - ing” my class and I walked over “or should I say ran over”, to the Discovery class which was in Mrs.Nua’s Room. Once the doors opened, Mrs.Nua welcomed us into her class. We sat on her nice, clean carpet and, as my eyes followed the board I wondered...what were we going to do?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fruit Machine

This year our class have been learning about how to create
Bigger, Better, Stronger and Faster. That is our theme for this term.
Any way sit back, relax and watch this amazing video.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Canadian National Anthem

O Canada!
Our home and native land!

True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

The true north strong and free,
From far and wide, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.
Et ta valeur, de foi trempee,
Protegera nos foyers et nos droits. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Friday, June 17, 2011

First Day at School Poem

I Remember When...

First day at school
Acting all shy
Parents leave
I cry
Lunch time
Large munch
New friends
I cried
I moaned
I cried some more
Mom came
Went home
Scary beginning
To a great life
At school
I remember it like

Monday, June 13, 2011

Play Day

On a wonderful, brilliant, and unclouded day my church and I celebrated the “Queens Birthday”. It wasn't that crowed once we got their it was only my family and I in the start.
The temperature out side was very high, "but I don't know how many degrees was it."
We had our games at the “Pt.England Reserve”.
Our games that we played were volley. My cousin noticed that the kids were bored so she she took us the young youth kids to the other side of the field. It was nice to see the smiles on the faces of the kids that were playing.
What I liked the most was the food , because we had so much food at our play day. I really liked the games because it was so humorous.
It was a fun way to celebrate the Queens Birthday. It was a nice happy, calm and peaceful day. Each visitor appreciated the work that the adults were doing for them.
"Any ways thank you for listening."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Having a Great Holiday

As I heard my mum talking on the phone I barely heard one of my cousin’s voice in the background saying “Hi aunty how is Sana”, I felt touching when my cousin said my name, so I yelled back “Hi Vana!”. With excitement, I knew at that moment that my cousins were coming to Auckland for the holidays. On the last day of Term1 after school I ran all the way home and I saw my cousin standing out-side of the garage door ,she sprinted to me and cuddled my stomach as hard as she could. As I saw my brother heading home I told my cousin if we could prank him, and so we did. Joe came to the front gate and I led him to the door and he told me, “Why are you dragging my hand to the front door?” I thought that my prank did not work, but it did. My cousin hid under my mum’s car. As I waved my hand side to side, my cousin knew that it was time to get ready for the signal I was going to give her. I gave her the movement, and she jumped out from under the car and sprayed the cheesey cheese out from the can, on to my brother. My brother had a girly good fright and was covered in cheese. “What a funny joke was that”, I told my cousin. My mum came out of the house and saw my brother covered in the cheesy cheese. She growled Joe to go and have a shower . It was so cool when I met my cousin from “Turangi”. For five weeks one of my cousins came and the other went back home because she wanted to see her mum and see her two sisters at home. While she was gone we had an amazing holiday with my other cousin that came from “Turangi”. My cousin was a lot more fun to stay with because he had given us special things from his dad. My brothers liked being with him. Two weeks later my cousin planed to go home because he missed his family. So on Sunday in the morning he went home with his dad. When they arrived their, my cousin phoned us that he really liked it at home because he got to see his mum and his three sisters. I was so surprised when he said that because I thought that he liked it up in Auckland better, so I said to him “ Okay then my mum said to give love to your family”, he replied back “ Okay then Bye”. So mum kept talking to his dad for hours and hours.

Friday, March 4, 2011


This year I am telling people where I have got all my Images. Just click here and you'll get there.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My 2010 Reflection

This year I have learnt more about little critters.Overall I have really enjoyed having Camp at school for the first time was cool. I would like to do more reading and more game time outside and on the computer.I could've worked hard on my art and my writing.My goals in the future is to become a very good girl and to be smart and brainy just like my brothers, and to play for the Sliver Ferns.