Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sadness and Happiness!!!

It all starts with sadness and then goes into the happiness. Yesterday we learnt a very cool rap that represents the earth-quake that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand, and a bit of survival. Okay here it goes.
''Pack it up pack it in let me begin
Much respect to my peeps from Point England
G.I skaters, current status
Collaboration with my younger generators ah!
We in the cypher crowds twice the siza
New MC's spitting honey like killer beez
Brothers please spare a prayer for the families
Hurricane to the Crusaders down in Canterbury

Pagi to the popo, the popo to the pagi
fia ai lou manava I think I'm Le masagi
Lava loa lea fia ai soo se mea mmmm
I like the smell of papaque over there
Keke to pua'a, pua'a to the keke
Thank you very much Point England, Tu meke
Tulou lava we must respect one another
My father, my mother, my sister and my brother."
Thanks for your attention.

Our School Theme

This term our school theme is....... Keep Your Eye on the Ball! Do you know what that means? well, I'll give you a hint, keep focused on everything you do,
" well, not everything, but some of the things you'd like to improve and reach."
Anyway, you'll want to know that you can do anything if you work on what you improve.
"Our theme is interesting isn't it?"
My class and I have assignments to do with the "RWC". Every quiz time which we have in our senior block, each class pick volunteers to represent them selves. Today our person we chose was Dakota Harris she was out standing with her performance.
"Oh yeah, I forgot, that Dakota had given her own class 150 points in total. Isn't that amazing. I told you she was outstanding."
"So remember that you can do anything if you improve want you want to improve!!!!!