Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best-friend Reflection

My bestie is Hosannah. He is a talented person. He is my bestie ever since I was a little 2yr old girl. He has a great big voice. He is confident, makes people (especially me) laugh and smile, is playful and fun.

He is my best-friend because he is the person I grew up with and will never forget him in the future. I will always care for him. He is a great athlete. Deep into my heart he is the greatest rugby and tag person. Anyway  that’s all I’ve got to say about my best-friend.

2012 Reflection

This year was the best. Having Ms Squires for 2012 was great. It was kind of difficult for me but that is okay.  Leaving Pt England will be very upsetting for me because, well, I will miss my besties Jay’lee (cousin), Hosannah, Tui and Roezala. They have been my best friends ever since I was a little 2yr old. Anyway 2012 has been the best year of my entire school life. Ever since I been a little junior girl I have always dreamed about coming to a day where I leave school having a happy year and now it has come true. I have had up’s and down’s but that is alright. Anyway this was my favourite year of all.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Net-book Reflection

Another year of using mini laptops was fantastic. I would be grateful if I could use my net-book next year but unfortunately I can't because I moving schools. It would feel very unhappy if I leave my favourite technology thing. And because I have to go back to writing with pencil and paper.

Anyway let's get back to my net-book story. On the positive side of my net-book is that we get to type instead of write, and you can study on the internet and the non-allowed but fun thing is the home games we have on our desktop. The negative thing about my net-book is.. well, nothing really it is best the way it is.