Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Comparison of Pablo Picaso/Henri Matisse

Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse were both famous painters of the same Era.Picasso was born the 25th of October,1881 in Malaga,Spain where as Matisse was born on December the 31st in 1869 in Northern France.Later in their early days they both met in Paris.They didn’t really know each other very well but they ended up becoming longlife friends.

Matisse was an expressionist and a fauvist painter.This meant that  he used unrealistic colours. Pablo Picasso was also  an expressionist painter but was most known for his cubist painting.Their similarities for these two paintings is that they both have ladies in them.

Both Picasso and Matisse have similarities in colour and shading,but they also have some differences in their themes.Picasso uses bright colours and at the same time he uses odd dark colours.Matisse uses unnatural colours like for example colours of the rainbow.

Pablo Picasso’s “Weeping Woman” has a clearly delineated painting.It also has a strong and bold out-lines.Henri Matisse’s painting, “Woman with a Hat”,has shapes that are defined by varying colours.It’s also a unrealistic perspective.

Although there are many differences between Woman with a Hat and Weeping Woman,there were some similarities.They use the same sense of colours.And they both painted a portrait of woman.But different theme for each painting.You can find Weeping Woman on this Site,but you can find Woman With a Hat on This Link

Hineititama-Robyn Kahu Kiwa

On Friday's us years 7 and 8 take part in Taonga Time.And in this Taonga Time we've been assigned to draw a painting painted by a woman named Robyn Kahu Kiwa.In this piece of drawing I've drawn a painting called Hineititama.Heneititama is dawn,the first true Maori human.She was daughter of Tane-Mahuta and mother Hineahuone.Who turned earthly night into earthly day.She became Hinenui-te-po(The Goddess of Death). After discovering that Tane-Mahuta was not only her husband, but also her father.She is shown here becoming fragmented as she changes from an earth-dweller into the Goddess of Death.You can find more information about this painting,just click on this Link.
Anyway I hope you enjoy.

A New Sport

As we were arriving to the courts I could feel the cold breeze go pass by me.Teeth chattering,arms shivering and legs shaking with goosebumps.Trying so hard to wrap my school jacket around me but still I could feel my body shaking.

Our tutors names are Sam(Sandwich),Mike(Milky) and Anita(Butter-Chicken.)They’ve been our teachers for the past 5 weeks.They taught us skills like the Drop Hunt,Hand Pass,Marks,Ruck and the Bounce Pass.The motto for kiwi kick is Laces Away From Faces.

Continuous Tag is the game we played.This is a skillful game because you had to look out for the person that tagged you from behind.And if you got tagged then you had to bob-down.When the person that tagged you bob-down then you had to get up up start all over again.“So now you get the should try it sometime it’s really fun.”