Monday, May 13, 2013

How Will.I.Am Came to Pt England

May the 9th was not going to be an ordinary day for Pt England School. One was that a famous person was going to come to our school. Two was that we all had a special assembly on a Thursday. And P.E.S never have assemblies on a Thursday only if it was a special one. Anyway's today was going to different for once.

Everything was set-up in the hall. And when I mean by everything was set-up in the hall was that their were camera's around and also photographers. I was wondering what kind of 'famous' person was going to come to our special and surprising assembly.

Sitting on our chairs was so boring so Mr Burt (our principal) decided that we have a practise at singing our school song before our special guest was coming. This assembly to our principal meant everything and by everything I mean like getting our school song correct and to make sure us year 8's sing.

After singing the song then we watched film festival movies. The first one was the movie from 'Room 18'. It was called 'Room 18 Maths Test'. The stars of this movie was Brooke, Kingston, Raihan, Dillion and Starford. It was an awesome.

It went all silent when we heard Mr Burt say that our surprise was here. All the prefects were surrounding him especially the cameras. When our surprise walked through the door all you would hear is people screaming.

Our famous comer had grey fancy boots, golden squared glasses and a beanie on top of his head.
"Do you have any clue who this could 'famous person' is?"
Well it's the one and only..................... WILL.I.AM. Yes the famous rapper and singer WILL.I.AM.

He came to our school to present all Maniakalani trust school's one hundred thousand dollar. It was very generous of him to do this. This day was awesome.


  1. What a fabulous piece of writing Osana. You used words to bring the occasion to life for jealous people like me who missed out. Well done and thanks for sharing this..

    Mrs Burt

    1. Well, Thank you Mrs Burt for reading my post. Nice to hear that you loved my writing but at the same time it's sad because you missed out.


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