Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Netball Training

When I train for netball I always practice step and passing before we start. Shooting is hard but quite easy for my aunty. My favorite netball player is Maria Tutaia. When ever I play netball I always think of her. My team has never ever lost any games this year.
One night, on Saturday we played against St. Cuthberts Jr. School, and we beat them by moving our body and shooting well. We have won lots of trophys from the AMI stadium club. After all our games we get a treat from the coach, which is my mum. When ever I play netball I always believe in my self.

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  1. Hey Osana,Nice to see a really great story about your time playing netball.Also it is really great to see that you look up to Maria Tutaia and that you think of her when you play.Nice to see more great work from you Ka pai.


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