Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A New Sport

As we were arriving to the courts I could feel the cold breeze go pass by me.Teeth chattering,arms shivering and legs shaking with goosebumps.Trying so hard to wrap my school jacket around me but still I could feel my body shaking.

Our tutors names are Sam(Sandwich),Mike(Milky) and Anita(Butter-Chicken.)They’ve been our teachers for the past 5 weeks.They taught us skills like the Drop Hunt,Hand Pass,Marks,Ruck and the Bounce Pass.The motto for kiwi kick is Laces Away From Faces.

Continuous Tag is the game we played.This is a skillful game because you had to look out for the person that tagged you from behind.And if you got tagged then you had to bob-down.When the person that tagged you bob-down then you had to get up up start all over again.“So now you get the should try it sometime it’s really fun.”


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