Friday, September 28, 2012

Inspirational Day

This morning we got a visit by an inspirational speaker who wrote the poem “Brown Brother.” Joshua Iosefo and his parents came to visit our senior school to recite and talk about his poem. Joshua is a prefect at Mt. Roskill Grammar School. His culture is Samoan and Niuean.

Before he got to speak us year 7 and 8’s did a Mihi (Maori Speech), Karakia (Maori Prayer) and Waiata (Maori Song). Finally we got to hear Joshua reply. Instead of him doing his speech in Samoan or Maori he did it in a surprisingly did it in Japanese.  He did it in this language because he couldn’t speak any of his languages.

Have you heard his “Brown Brother Speech?” 63,000 viewers saw this inspirational spoken word on the web/internet. Was even on the “Campbell Live News.” When he re-recorded his poem many viewers then commented on this very performance.

His inspirations are God, his parents and especially his grandparents. When ever he went and visited his grandparents all he wanted to do is interview them. What I mean by “interview them” is that he always wanted to know more about his grandad and his grandma. He also wanted to know when they emigrated to New Zealand.

After he’d finished his speech then he had to answer our questions that we asked him. The questions we asked him were awesome and the answers he gave us were also awesome. It was an amazing and inspirational day.

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