Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best-friend Reflection

My bestie is Hosannah. He is a talented person. He is my bestie ever since I was a little 2yr old girl. He has a great big voice. He is confident, makes people (especially me) laugh and smile, is playful and fun.

He is my best-friend because he is the person I grew up with and will never forget him in the future. I will always care for him. He is a great athlete. Deep into my heart he is the greatest rugby and tag person. Anyway  that’s all I’ve got to say about my best-friend.


  1. Hi Bestie,

    Yes! It is true. We grew up together. I love your nice peaceful story. Thank you xx.

    1. Hello to you also my bestie, Thank you for reading my post and also for commenting.


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