Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What My Friends Say About 'ME'

Our last activity for the term was to write a little positive quote on to our classmates back's.  For this activity we had 1 piece of paper, 1 strap of sellotape and a pen/pencil.

I just found out that some of my classmates also think that I'm cool. My favourite quote was when my friend Vanessa wrote, "you were the coolest girl ever since I first came to this school. You also welcomed me into this class, THANK YOU." I really appreciate what most of my friends say about me. I think she said that maybe because I was always there for her when she needed me most.

I also found out that people think that I'm funny and brainy at the same time. Also some of my classmates appreciate what I do for them. For example when some of my friends get hurt I help them.

Some quotes I didn't understand but it was okay any-ways. I figured some out and some of them said that I was their best friends. Some of them even said that I was a great friend to them. I was shocked when some one said that I was very very pretty. I didn't think that any of the guys said that because no-one would ever agree that I am pretty.

Anyway some of these comments were very appreciative. Well to my thoughts I think that some of these comments were actually true. One of the comments said that I was 'COOL AS', with many s's.

This activity was the best activity so far this year. I loved this activity because some of my besties from the other classes came and wrote on my paper.  I LOVED IT.

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