Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cooking Finalists-Narrative

Looking eye to eye with my partner I knew straight away that  we were ready to cook. The competition that we were attending was a cooking competition.
“The challenge for today is to make a super delicious and healthy sandwiches for the judges,” said the host of the show. “You have 5 minutes to get ready. 3......2.......1.......START!”

My partner and I quickly ran to where all the groceries were. We picked out lettuce, sweet tomatoes, chicken ham, mayonnaise, cheese and most importantly bread.
We ran back to our bench and started to make our sandwich.

My partner and I were almost finished when I looked over to the other bench they were done. Their were 3 beautiful decorated plates just sitting their. My partner, Vanessa, told me that we should decorate our sandwich and so we did.
“You have 10 seconds left,” the host said. “OMG are you kidding me, 10 seconds left, seriously. That’s how long it takes me to tie my shoes and if I can tie my shoes in 10 seconds then I can decorate this sandwich/plate in 5 seconds,” I say out loud. And off we went.

Time was going when suddenly I heard the bell ring. Time was up and we still weren't finished.
“How long does it take you to make a sandwich?” the host said to me. He then served our sandwiches to the judges. All 3 judges gave their comments to us and what they thought the sandwich was like. Until they came to Vanessa and I. They said that they were disappointed at first but when they tasted our sandwich they thought that they were over the moon and up in the stars.

The host fell to the ground and said that my team won the challenge and that we also won the competition. Vanessa and I were so happy because we beat all the competitors. We won for and we also won for our class. It was amazing. This cooking competition was a great experience.

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