Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Recently, our senior school had badminton lessons. My class and I had been introduced to a badminton professional. First, she taught us how to hold a racket, like a pro. Then she had shown us some hard skills.

On that same day we learnt how to use a badminton racket by fore hand grid, back hand grid and we also learnt how to serve properly with a shuttle. We practiced a lot of hard skills. Some, " just some" of us got there. All though we tried our best to get our skills correct.

We had a game of badminton soccer, It was a lot of fun. We learnt much more about the sport badminton. All though we all had one last turn of the game badminton soccer.

Walking back to class we had "BIG" smiles pasted on our faces, and guess what “ you should try it out some time”.
Badminton is not only a game, but an EXPERIENCE!

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