Friday, August 19, 2011

Story of My First Day at School.

It all started with the first day at school. I was feeling all cranking but shy. My first new best friends were Mary and Makalita. They were very friendly but my favourite friend was Mary because when ever I felt sad or feeling down she would always come up to me and do something nice like for example, cheer me up. One morning my mum and I were walking towards the school. I told something very important, "maybe not that important", " Mum,, want to go home now". My mother told me why did I want to leave, I replied, " because it's scary in school", but my mum wasn't listening to me and she kept on walking towards school. I had the goose bumps and I was getting the shyness into me. It felt like I was in a never ending planet. I was so scared once I took the first step onto the carpet. I was shy. This was the first day at Pt.England School.

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