Monday, March 26, 2012

Camp Motivation

Firing up the stove we gathered corn into a pot. We were cooking for the years ⅞ camp. While they were out doing activities,our crew were cooking their dinner. It was corncobs,barbecued sausage and chop suey.It was hard work for the first day.For three whole days my crew and I buttered bread and stack them back into the bag.That was really easy to do.

It was almost time for afternoon tea and the camp bunch were still carrying on with their activities.Some of them were at the Amazing Race activity,some were Skating in the breeze and some were playing Ping Pong in the hall.I enjoyed cooking their afternoon tea which were scones,fruits,water and pizza bread.It was enough for one day,before I went home I hugged my brother good-bye and then I went home.

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