Wednesday, March 6, 2013

School Picnic

On one great morning Pt England School went down to the reserve. The sun was shinning and no grey clouds were coming out of the sky.
"Are you excited to go to the picnic," I asked my best-friend, Tui. "Yeah, I'm excited. I can't wait to play many activities like touch, rippa-rugby, volleyball and softball," she replied to me in a very happy voice. 
"It's time to go, Pt England School," Mr. Burt told us through the speaker.
When we arrived at the beach Mr. Burt did a karakia (prayer) to bless our day and then we went of into our team spot.

This was the first event I did before going onto touch. I played with a lot of people like Turuhira, Sesalina, Britney, Elizabeth, Gabriel and many other parents that joined in. It was really fun playing volleyball because my group kept on winning every single time the ball came to our side. It was 13 to us and 6 to the other team, when we ended our game.

Playing touch was my second event I played. And this time I played with different people. It was Tevite, Jay'lee, Serena, Tui, Logan, Melvin, Tevita and 1 adult name Winny. Touch is a game when 2 teams play against each other . It is not a contact game like 'Rugby' but more like netball. Except in netball you don't run with the ball. Also in netball they play with a actual 'Netball', but in touch they play with and actual touch rugby ball. Anyway I was on Winny's team and the players were Tevite, Logan and I. There were many of us that played touch. This was my favourite activity/event I enjoyed.

This isn't actually an event but it is something I enjoyed to. It was having my lunch with some of my friends. Instead of having lunch with my old besties Sylvia, Mino, Mubba. I had my morning tea with my friends Tui, Hosannah, Rita, Brooklyn and Shoal. It was awesome having to share my snacks with friends of mine.

Even when my old besties weren't there, I still had fun at the school picnic. I felt very happy at the end of the day.It was the best picnic ever.

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