Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuakana/Teina (Big Brother or Sister, Little Brother or Sister)

Do you know what Tuakana Teina is? Well, Tuakana means older brother or sister. Teina means younger brother or sister. Every Tuesday afternoon Rm19 and Rm9 have Tuakana Teina. But this time it isn’t older brother or sister it’s older buddy reader and younger buddy reader.

My partner every single Tuesday afternoon is LJ. He is a sweet and cute little boy. He is also a good reader. Sometimes he doesn't appear at school because he is absent. Anyway my Teina (my younger buddy reader) is an awesome person and a wonderful Teina.

LJ reads to me perfectly. He sometimes reads chapter books to me. LJ also reads books that even his friends can't read like for example ZAC POWER. ZAC POWER is a chapter book about a guy named Zac that has really cool powers. Anyway LJ reads the words and pronounces them exactly how you want it to be read like.

After hearing LJ read, I decided that it would be my turn to read. And when I read I like to read like a professional reader. LJ loved the way I read he even smiled when I finished reading the book. It was amazing reading to my Teina LJ.

Tuakana Teina is the best part of a Tuesday afternoon. It is a very fun way of reading. After every session I feel very proud of my partner when I hear him read.

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