Monday, April 15, 2013


Moving and singing to the song, the samoan group and I were practicing in our school breeze, on Monday the 15th of April 2013. We had 'Fiafia' practice today because our performing day is on Thursday. And on Thursday it is going to be the last day of term 1, for Pt England School.

The first thing we did was practice our moves so that when it is our turn to go on stage then we don't mess up. It was important to us that we don't mess up because if we do it will turn into a big disaster. And what I mean by disaster I mean if even 1 person messes up the whole dance then we all mess up.

The following thing we did was practice the song because most of us don't even know the song. When we dance some of us just dance but we don't open up our mouth's and sing. Some of us do sing but we don't dance we just stand their and do nothing. So that's why we practiced singing.

After a while we stood up and danced and this time every one was great. Us girls looked at our hands and sang the song. The boys did their part of the performance and they were also wonderful. Mrs Tele'a, Jenny and Timmy, our dance teachers, said that we were all beautiful dancers.

At the end of the dance and performance we all sat down proud and at the same time exhausted because we had to do it every single time we got it wrong or did a mistake. I was so happy for our group because we have had been practicing for 5 weeks and we have tried our best.

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