Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mahe Drysdale

 Many New Zealand supporters waited for this much. To anticipate and watch this stunning race. Hoping to witness Mahe Drysdale to become successful in the men’s single scull. A single skull is a rower who rows by them self.
 During the previous Olympics, Mahe Drysdale was denied a gold medal through illness. So for the last four years he has been training to become even better. His goal was to make sure he won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.
 It was the last 100 meter during the final of the men’s single scull, when it became a nail biting race. As Mahe Drysdale gave it his  all to hold off his challengers, Ondrej Synek of Czech and Alan Campbell from Great Britain.
 After Drysdale's awesome competition he crawled out of his canoe and just collapsed onto the pontoon completely shattered. Mahe was feeling really elated at the same time because he had just won himself an Olympic gold medal.
 It was a huge relief when 5 time world champion Mahe Drysdale crossed the line and made New Zealand history.
 I have just been lucky enough to witness a great NZ history when Mahe Drysdale completed his race with a gold medal,  it will be a moment that will never be forgotten.

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