Friday, August 3, 2012

The Opening Ceremony

Did you watch the "Olympic Opening Ceremony?" Well I did and it was very very fun to look at, at the same time it was very very hilarious. It was very funny because The Queen (Elizabeth the 2nd) jumped down from the helicopter. My brother, Joe, and I thought that it was really The Queen that jumped but it was a stump dummy that jumped from the helicopter and parachuted down to the stadium. The other thing was Mr.Bean. Funny Mr.Bean. He was playing the electric piano for the Orchestras Band. When he was playing the piano he was dreaming. Dreaming of racing in the triathlon and also of becoming an Olympic Star. Mr.Bean was coming first but then he got tired and started to come last. As you know sometimes Mr.Bean likes to cheat. So he saw a  car and the car started to drive faster than the triathlon athletes. For a while the driver kicked Mr.Bean out and still he came first. He woke up from his dream and the  Orchestra Band was finished.  He was still playing and then the Orchestra leader told him to stop. For a while he stopped and the crowd went wild and started laughing.

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  1. Hello there Osana
    I like your post about the opening ceremony.I thought it was cool as well.Keep up the great work.


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