Friday, August 24, 2012

The Netball Tournament

On a wonderful and beautiful sunny Tuesday morning, Pt England netball girls went downto the courts. We were going to compete against different schools. Some of our girls had to play and fill in for other schools. Yr8 Team1 and Yr7 Team1 were the only teams that competed because they were in higher groups than others.

For netball we had to be commited and win all our games. I filled in for the Yr7 Team1. They expected me to play well like how I played during the trainings. For the first game we played against Bailey Road Intermeidiate. Mary L was my position first. On the second half I was WD (Wing Defence). We beat them by 10 points. We won most of our games.

When it came to the finals our team were one of the teams that were first annouced. As we were walking to our court we were feeling the confidence and the huge presure we were going to put on this team that we were going to play against. The team that we were going to challenge for this last and I think final was Baradene. they were very easy at first, but when it came to the last half every one started to lose their pace.

When I got on I was shivering with fear and I felt very scared because I thought that we were going to lose this tournament. I tried my best to defend my partner but she kept on running away and catching the ball. She started to lose her pace so then when ever she got the ball I would always, well not ALWAYS defend her but just sometimes she got the chance to hold the ball.

After all that running and passing and catching balls, this tournament was over. We lost by one point. We came runners up and our coaches were not impressed. They thought that we were going to take this team out.

I've learnt many things in this netball tournament. I've learnt to always stick with my partner and don't be too rough on them. I've also learnt to pay attention to my team and coaches and most importantly my team captains.

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